Essential oils are the volatile essence of the plant extracted by various methods eg distillation.

Some Essential oils are toxic to the body and therefore should not be sold to unqualified therapists / public.

Essential oils can be divded into 7 groups :

Categories      Example                     Some benefits

Citrus              Lime                            Antiseptic and uplifting

Flowers           Ylang Ylang                Relaxing and soothing

Spices             Juniper                       Uplifting and stimulating

Herbs              Melissa                       Uplifting and stimulating

Grass               Citronella                   Relaxing and soothing

Trees              Sandalwood               Antifungal and antiseptic

Gums              Benzoin                      Antifungal and antiseptic

A lot of the essential oils have contra-indications eg pregnancy, high BP, etc so please speak to a Qualified Therapeutic Aromatherapist before purchasing or using any essential oils.

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